Saturday, December 27, 2008

Meet our other bettas 2

Finally i have the chance to update our blog. I've been too busy for the past few days and didn't have the time to upload pics. Here is the rest of the pics of our bettas.
Our delta tail fighting fish,
Male turquoise Roble,

Male steel blue (not named yet),

Male dragon cellophane fantail (his tail are like transparent and we named him dragon),

Vender, our male lavender (this pic taken before he was sick and now he had fully recovered),

Our halfmoons,
Our red cambodian male,

Miyah, red male (his tail was damaged and now still in the process of growing back)

Lowe, our cellophane fantail just like dragon (we gave him to our friend),

Last but not least our orange halfmoon, Oranje whose pic we had posted on the previous posts..
Our double tails,
Red, the red dt male,

Rainbow, blue dt male,

We have already upload Baby and Pixy's pics on previous posts. I have finally uploaded all of our bettas so feel free to look at it. Good night.
P.s will update again if im free :)

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Meet our other bettas 1

Its time for me to upload pics of our other bettas, we have more than 10 with different colours and tail types..
Here is our plakats,
Our male monster plakat and we call him monster,
Our male mustard gas,Mus,Here is our multicolour plakat (haven't name him yet),

And here is Hippi, our red gold plakat. (named him hippi as he is really hyperactive and cute)And of course Chegal our female plakat whose pic we had uploaded on the old posts..

Our crowntails,
Turquoise CT,
Blacky, who is a black CT,
Marble blue red CT, (bought him 4 days ago)Shy, dark blue and red CT (always hide whenever people look at him),

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Lots and lots of babies...

I mentioned on the previous post that Tina own the fries, well Kim's fries just hatched 2 days ago. Pic below shows both ladies fries..
The red arrow shows Tina's fry and white arrow shows Kim's fry. You can see the difference between both fries, one fry is a bit bigger than the other and notice that the white arrow shows that the fries are still attach to the bubbles. The pic were taken yesterday but today the new fries had already free swimming. And yeah we are really2 excited.:)
Pics below shows Tina's fries which are probably about 5 days old..

It's been for like days before we notice that there is fries in the box. They are so small that we could not really see it. Hopefully they all will survive as the chances for all of the fries to survive is low. Ok will update again soon. Good night~~

Friday, December 19, 2008

Third attempt breeding..

Ok we removed Tina and replace her with Kim, We didn't even condition them first instead we just put Kim with Rainbow inside the breeding box and leave them for a few days and 2 days ago they started to spawn and it was amazing to just look at them doing their thang ;) (no pics taken as the box is not transparent enough) and then just yesterday we remove Kim cause we saw lots of fries in the box. Now we are confused, we don't know if the fries belongs to Kim or Tina cause it already free swimming and if the fries belongs to Kim it suppose to swim up and down and it should be much smaller and if the fries belongs to Tina it suppose to swim freely by now. And so i conclude that the fries is indeed belongs to Tina and so we succeed our second attempt..yay us~~;p

Second attempt breeding..

Well our first attempt to breed our betta failed so we try for the second time. This time we were breeding our blue yellow double tail named rainbow with our turquoise short tail female, Tina.
We conditioned them for almost a week but Tina keeps on showing the horizontal stripes which means that she is not ready to spawn, so we released her with the male but of course we provided her with hiding places to hide and leave them alone for almost a week. We keep on checking on them but it seems like no spawning happen so we remove her and replace her with another betta, our cambodian short tail female, Kim..

Thursday, December 18, 2008

First time breeding : Not successful

As promise i wanted to upload pics of Oranje and Chegal fries but sadly their eggs doesn't hatch and Oranje seems to be sick so we have to remove him. Well anyway i just upload pics of him under the bubblenest and their eggs.
This pic was taken after they have mate.

And this taken after 2 days. By this time their eggs have reduced, maybe he ate it.
These are the eggs. Notice the white spots inside the bubble.
We waited for like 4 days for the eggs to hatch but it didn't and we were a bit disappointed as we were looking forward for those fries. Anyway we did try it again but with our other couple ;)

Friday, December 12, 2008

No babies yet..

Chegal eggs haven't hatch yet.Well that's what i've been told :( Haven't be able to check them for myself since i was so busy today. Don't know why it takes so long for them to hatch, maybe its because of the temperature or water condition.Well i'm not sure. Hopefully it will hatch sooner and i will be able to take and upload their pics.I was meaning to upload pics of Oranje looking after his bubbly bubblenests but unfortunately the camera is not with me. Guess i'll just upload it tomorrow if i have it.

Anyway, since there are no pics of Oranje, i just upload some pics of our other betta. Enjoy it!
Here is Baby, he's a double tail.

Pixy, our female double tail..

On the first pics of Pixy u can see vertical stripes on her body, it means that she's ready to spawn ;). But we are not ready to breed her yet since i think she's small.

Here is O, our male super delta tail..

Second pics is funny, it seems like he's opening his mouth when in fact he's not haha..

Anyway, i just stop here and will upload other pics by tomorrow or when im free. Good night..:)